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the aging and the antisocial.
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daryl lightstick
GuoXing - 6.9
Daniel - 8.0
Yiding - 8.1
Jack - 9.2
Sijie - 9.4
Kangwee - 9.5
Jiawei - 9.7
Daryl - 9.10
Yuzheng - 10.3
Lincoln - 10.9
Kanzy - 11.2

More to come!


Also, the training commitments for Feb is also up, please fill it up!

11 18 10 - Zone
daryl lightstick

Here's a good webpage on how to run a zone defense or offense. Read to the 3rd page for more.


11 15 10 - AGM Minutes
 Hi all,

Click here to download the 1st AGM Minutes. Please follow-up with the actions you are required to do as stated in the minutes.

11 14 10 - Follow Up.
daryl lightstick
1. http://www.usaultimate.org/resources/officiating/rules/11th_edition_rules.aspx

As stated during AGM, please familiarize yourself with the rules.

2. https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AtcL-aadHrJodC10bzZvVDRQZ2lTR3pCc3hpZmh2MVE&hl=en&authkey=CJCm2cwK

Please indicate your attendance for November on the document. If your name is not on the document, please add onto it.

a) X indicates present
b) CMI means Cannot Make It
c) Remarks column is for you to indicate your reason for CMI/ or being late.

Please also indicate your 3 team name suggestions onto the document by 201110, it will be printed out for discussion on the 201110 training itself.

3. For now, we will adapt the DK method of punishment for latecoming without a valid reason.

a) As a guideline, for every 10 minutes or part thereof that one is late, 1 suicide will be awarded.

ONE suicide is defined by a sprint from baseline to same goaline and back, baseline to opposing goaline and back and baseline to opposing baseline and back. (Baseline refers to the back of the endzone, goalline is the front of the endzone)

b) Punishments will have to be carried out before one can continue with training.
c) Type of punishment may vary, but will apply to everyone who is late on that training.
d) Whether there will be any grace period will be up to the Captains; Also taking into account any extraordinary situations on that day itself (eg: heavy rain before training etc.)
e) Repeat offenders face the possibility of extra physical training.
 I'm bored yet again so I shall post something here before I collect my keys for my hallroom! yay

cones very fun to play hur D: 
08 25 10 - hello
 hello everyone im the only other person to post here muahaha
08 23 10 - and its up!
d.gray-man || lavi ||
Layout and profiles are all edited and (hopefully) up to standard. Although it doesn't look like those super professional ones but I THINK THEY'LL DO! Simplicity is beauty.
I was lazy to find nice pictures so I asked others to help me with that task. Thank you for the suggestions. They were extremely useful.
jingyii suggested we change the header once a month. But I'm lazy. HAHA.

Disclaimer here: Please friend-lock when necessary. You know what to do. ;D

Any suggestions? Comments? Feedback?
08 23 10(no subject)
HELLO! :D I wanted to say guess who am I but I realised I'm posting from my own account ): not fun! no element of surprise. or whatever you call it. hahaha anyway please join the community ya (: make my life easier so that I don't have to keep checking blogspot. HAHA

anyway currently zelia and I are trying to design something for the banner so hopefully it'll turn out well (: I wanted to do the softboard+polaroid style but I'm at work so there's no adobe. I assure everyone that we are many levels above marcus HAHAHAHAHA at least we use photoshop (:

actually I'm just bored during work.
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